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WSS group

Advanced wireless technologies for smart applications


The Wireless Sensor Systems group is a research group focusing on the development of wireless sensor networks, wireless automation, and their applications and deployments.

The multidisciplinary research group consists of researchers of different departments at the Aalto University, and it also actively collaborates with other universities and companies in Finland. Since 2003, the research group has combined the expertise and knowledge of wireless communications, data fusion, control and systems engineering to design and deploy wireless, reliable, real-time sensor systems.


Vision and aims

We believe that wireless sensor networks are application dependent and their protocols should be jointly developed with the sensor information processing schemes. Hence, we focus on co-design of wireless sensor networking protocols, sensor data signal processing methods, data fusion methods, and in case of control applications also the control algorithms. That is, our focus is on wireless sensor systems -- not just networking.

In many real-life sensing and control applications accurate timing of the sampling and control actions is essential. Also the reliability of the sensor system is a critical factor. Typically, there are trade-offs between energy consumption, accurate timing, reliability, and application performance (such as estimation accuracy, control performance etc). Hence we seek to find the right balance for each application.

The Wireless Sensor Systems group's vision and aims can be summarized as follows:

  • Application dependent co-design
  • Real-time, reliable, and timely operation
  • Intelligent sensor data fusion and processing methods